Office des Changes : A new milestone in dematerialization reached

The "Office des Changes" as made a new step towards the digitization strengthening of its procedures. Since the beginning of this month, the Office has dematerialized the entire internal process for processing authorization requests.

This new step is a major area for improvement regarding the efficiency of this process. It will ensure that users benefit from a faster and more transparent processing of their authorization requests and ensure productivity and traceability improvements thanks to an intelligent sharing of information at the various processing stages of the derogation requests submitted to the Organization.

In addition to the improvement policy regarding the reception of its users, the Office has categorized the types of requests and users to reduce the visitors’ waiting time and to ensure a personalized and adequate reception.

The use of dematerialized electronic documents will also contribute to the reduction of almost 70% of the use of the paper, thus contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint and to the increased security of the documents.