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Values that bring us together

Strong values  orchestrate our daily work. They constitute a common base that all the personnel of the "Office des Changes" undertake to respect. They are presented and detailed in the AMANA charter of the "Office des Changes". By developing its own charter of values, the "OC" reaffirms its faith in shared values that bring together its entire staff and that changes the "OC" into an administration that is making its way towards modernity and performance. These values were chosen and elaborated by adopting a participative approach integrating all the components of the "Office des Changes" before grouping them in a charter of values which is a document intended for our different users to make them adhere to solid values which are expressed in the everyday life of all the structures of the organism.


  • Moral values and professional conduct

    The entire staff of the "Office des Changes" adheres to a culture based on respect, transparency, integrity and confidentiality.


  • Performance values

    Performance remains at the heart of our strategic objectives. The "Office des Changes" aims for efficiency and effectiveness. Its performance values focus on efficiency, quality service, professionalism and commitment.


  • Social values

    The staff of the "Office des Changes" is the strength that allows us to ensure an undeniable public service. Thus, our social values are based on listening, acknowledgment, trust and equality.


  • Values chart of "Office des Changes" . French version.pdf (3.15 MB)