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Publication of the study on the construction materials sector: performance and development capacities

As part of the substitution policy that the Kingdom of Morocco advocates in order to consolidate its industrial fabric, the Office des Changes has set up a program aimed at carrying out a series of studies in order, on the one hand, to make an inventory sectors and on the other hand identify potential levers.
The first study deals with the performance and development capacities of the building materials sector. A focus is placed on the trade balance of this sector in order to globally study the impact on the trade balance of Morocco, of a policy of substitution of inputs of foreign origin by inputs from national production.
This work also sheds valuable light on the functioning of the sector and its interactions with its internal and external environment. And to conclude, the study makes relevant and innovative recommendations to make the sector a real engine of growth in the service of the country's development.
One of the conclusions revealed by this study is that the Kingdom could multiply by 6 its exports of building materials to reach an annual flow of around 3 billion dollars. The study specifies, moreover, that the volumes exported of building materials by certain competing countries or partners of Morocco are already at much higher figures.
The results of this study also show that Morocco is able to transform a large part of its 21 billion DH of imports of construction products and materials into local production.


  • Etude la filiere des materiaux de construction performances et capacite de developpement_0.pdf (2.17 MB)