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Studies and statistics

The "Office des Changes" is the national producer of foreign exchange statistics. It prepares and publishes the monthly external exchange indicators, trade balance and balance of payments and the overall external financial position in accordance with relevant international standards.

The exercise of this mission is governed by two main reference frameworks: a legal framework, the Statistical Declarations Act No. 19-06, which gives the "Office des Changes" a legal base allowing it to exercise this mission and a methodological reference system focusing on international standards set out by the IMF and the United Nations.

The process of compiling statistics meets the deadlines for the production of statistics and ensures a high reliability of its indicators that meet international standards in this area.

For more information on the "Office des Changes" statistical mission, kindly refere to the French version of the portal, Statistics section,  where you can:

  •  Obtain information about the methodology for compiling foreign exchange statistics;
  •  Consult and download publications, studies and statistical series;
  •  And carry out research in the foreign trade database.