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Foreign investment in Morocco

Clause155. - Foreign investment in Morocco

Following this clause, the foreign investment in Morocco means any transaction that constitutes a financial or a real asset in Morocco by legal foreign persons, natural foreign persons that are resident or non-resident as well as natural persons with Moroccan nationalities that live in Morocco.

When financed in foreign currency, these investments profit from a convertibility regime which guarantees the investors the complete freedom to:

  •  Transfer any income generated by these investments;
  •  Transfer the liquidation proceeds of their investments.

Foreign investment in Morocco can take the following forms:

  •  The Establishment of companies;
  •  Participating in the capital increase of a company;
  •  The establishment of a branch or a representation office;
  •  The acquisition of financial instruments;
  •  Supply the current account of partners in cash or trade receivables;
  •  Granting of loans;
  •  Acquisition of real estate or rights of use regarding these properties;
  •  The fulfillment of construction activities and / or real estate development;
  •  Term deposits to a bank.