The new provisions of the General Instruction for Foreign Exchange Operations 2022 at the center of the meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of NADOR

On the sidelines of the publication of the new version of the General Instruction of Foreign Exchange Operations, the Office des Changes organized, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of NADOR, a meeting which took place in NADOR on Friday February 25, 2022. During this meeting, the representatives of the Office des Changes reviewed the main provisions of the 2022 version of the General Instruction on Foreign Exchange Operations (IGOC 2022), in particular the new facilitation and flexibility measures granted to legal persons, Moroccan start-ups, resident and non-resident foreign persons as well as the exchange facilities granted to Moroccans residing abroad.

The Office des Changes receives a delegation from the Republic of Suriname

As part of the preparations for the opening of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Suriname in Morocco, the Office des Changes received, on Tuesday February 22, 2022, a delegation from this country, composed of the Advisor to the President of the Republic of Suriname, the Secretary General of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and Madam Head of the Africa, Australia and Oceania Division at the MFA.