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Publication of circular n ° 1/2022

The Office des Changes published, on January 03, 2022, the circular n ° 1/2022 relating to exchange facilities towards Moroccans who reported their assets and liquidities held abroad in accordance with the provisions of law 63-14 and texts taken for its application.

This updated version of Circular N°2/2015 deals in particular with the convertibility regime for investments made in Morocco and financed in foreign currencies or in convertible dirhams before the change to Morocco of the tax residence of the declarant.

The provisions of the new Circular also relate to the transmission by inheritance or by way of donation of assets and cash held within the framework of Law 63-14 and the texts adopted for its application and of assets held in Morocco financed in foreign currencies or in convertible dirhams. 


  • Circular n ° 1/2022.pdf (4.49 MB)