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The Office des Changes meets economic operators in the Tangier-Tetouan-AL Hoceima region

Continuing his information and awareness tour with economic operators, Mr. Hassan BOULAKNADAL, Director of the Office des Changes, participated in Tangier, on Tuesday March 22, 2022, in a seminar under the theme "Foreign exchange regulations: new for 2022"

Organized by the CGEM and the CRI Tanger-Tétouan-AL Hoceima in partnership with professional associations (AMTRI-Morocco, AMITH, AZIT and AZIG), this seminar was an opportunity for Mr. BOULAKNADAL to present to economic operators established in the North region the main contributions of the General Instruction of Foreign Exchange Operations 2022 (IGOC 2022).

The Director of the Office des Changes thus highlighted the new measures to ease and liberalize current transactions and capital transactions introduced by the new version of the IGOC. These measures are essentially aimed at improving the business climate, supporting economic operators, promoting Moroccan exports and giving a strong impetus to the development of start-ups.

This meeting allowed the Office des Changes to discuss with economic operators the various aspects of foreign exchange regulations and to answer questions asked by the audience and the moderators of the event.